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Reading the Queen of the Internet and her report in one article: Investment Bible and stock selectio

:admin :2021-08-17

In the early morning of May 31st, Beijing time, Mary Mickel, known as the "Queen of the Internet", released the 2018 Internet Trend Report. This is also the 23rd year that she has published an Internet report.

The annual Internet Queen's Report will almost become a must-read report for every Internet entrepreneur. So, who is the Queen of the Internet? Why does her report get so much attention?

The Queen of the Internet: a symbol of Wall Street in the 90s

In September 1958, Mary Meeker was born in Indiana, USA.

In 1982, Mikel joined Merrill Lynch, the most prestigious brokerage firm at the time, as a stockbroker.

Mikel's career as a star analyst began in 1991, when she joined the well-known investment bank Morgan Stanley and began her brilliant career as a technology analyst.

Since 1995, Mikel's work has changed with the changes in the Internet trend. She has been focusing on studying how well-known companies such as Yahoo, AOL and Amazon will adjust their structures and compete with each other.

In 1996, Mary Mikel became the head of Morgan Stanley's technical stock analysis department as she wished, and also created a new career on Wall Street-Internet analyst. Just as junk bonds represented Wall Street in the 1980s, Mary Mikel became a symbol of Wall Street in the 1990s.

At the end of 2010, Mikel resigned from the position of managing director of Morgan Stanley, left Wall Street, and went to California to become a partner of the well-known venture capital KPCB. KPCB (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers) was established in 1972 and is the largest venture fund in the United States. Its most proud masterpiece is the creation of Netscape.

The Internet Queen's Report: Investment Bible and Stock Selection Guide in the Internet Field

In 1994, Mikel came across a report in the New York Times about the development of a web browser by the startup Mosaic. Mikel immediately realized that this kind of web browser might change the way people get information. She then contacted the two founders of Mosaic and introduced the company vigorously to Wall Street investors.

Mosaic was later renamed Netscape and went public in New York in 1995. Thanks to the good relationship between Mikel and the two founders of Netscape, Morgan Stanley became the lead underwriter of Netscape's initial public offering (IPO).

On August 9th of that year, Netscape closed on the first day of listing, and its share price surged from an issue price of US$14 to US$75, setting a record for the first-day increase of a listed company at that time. Netscape's IPO also became a major sign of the arrival of the Internet era.

In 1995, in addition to being responsible for the listing and trading of Netscape, Mikel and his colleague Chris Depp began to publish the "Internet Report", and first proposed "page views" and other network stock analysis indicators. This report is regarded by investors as an investment bible in the Internet field, and it has been published as a book, which has aroused great repercussions in the entire technology industry.

From 1996 to 1997, Mikel and Morgan Stanley released the "Internet Advertising Report" and "Internet Retail Industry Report", which established Mikel's position as the number one analyst in the Internet field. The Internet Queen’s Report became a must-read report for almost every Internet entrepreneur at the time.

The Internet Queen's report is no different from a stock picking guide. The stocks of AOL, Dell, Amazon, eBay and other companies that she recommended to investors quickly brought more than ten times the return on investment.

The "God Prediction" in the Internet Queen's Report

The main reason why the industry attaches so much importance to the Internet Queen’s report lies in Mikel’s divine predictions. Below, we briefly list a few examples of God’s predictions in the Internet Queen’s Report.