Customer-centric, to provide customers with satisfactory and humanized services

Service is a kind of culture. In Dinghan, service does not only represent a system and procedure. It has been integrated into our corporate culture and accepted and pursued by all employees.

The service content comes from the needs of users. Dinghan continues to provide users with high-quality and efficient services, and through paid service methods to increase the service self-hematopoiesis mechanism to improve service quality, while seeking the improvement of service content and service methods, so that both parties can get the best from it. benefit.

Provide users with standardized, professional, diversified and productized services. Standardization represents service specifications, specialization represents service quality, diversification represents service content, and productization represents different service quality and value, all of which are measured by user satisfaction.

Service Features

Professional: professional technical team, professional equipment and instruments

Standardization: Standardized service process, standardized quality assurance system

Fast: Technical service and spare parts center covering the whole country, 7*24 hours quick response